Thousands Go Through Our Speaker Training Each Year,
But Only 21 Will Be Called Ambassador's.
Introducing Les Brown's Most Advanced Stage Domination Training System.
Develop the skills of a master speaker,
establish your brand online and
create an entire product back-end Funnel.
and be personally and powerfully endorsed by Les Brown.
Exclusive Ambassador Program
  • Complete Keynote Message: Master speakers know how to use their stories to build up an audience and leave them cheering on their feet begging for more. From captivating openings to powerfully compelling closes, when we are through with you your presentation will be one of the top in the world.
  • Complete Power Presentation: We remember great speakers not only because of what they said, but how they said it. You will learn the skills to challenge their minds, touch or warm their hearts and drive your message home compelling action.
  • Complete Identity Package: Steve Jobs, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King and Obama are all remembered for their unique and clear identity. We will help you identify who you are, who your unique identity is, and how to maximize it for high level success and achievement.
  • Complete Brand Design: In order to reach the top, you and your team must be on the same page, and understand exactly what your brand is, who you are about, what your key topics are, what colors are yours, what words you say and even what fonts you use. We will provide you with an entire "Brand Binder" to help you navigate the many complexities of business life while staying true to your brand across every medium and every staff member.
  • Complete Story Engineering: We all have stories that can have a dramatic impact on the lives of others as well as your bank account. We will work diligently with you to pull those stories out of you and engineer them to have maximum impact and value for you.
  • Complete Social Media Presence: We will create the necessary social media accounts, design them all with maximum branding power and convertibility, as well put in systems to build a loyal and lucrative tribe that supports and adores you. We will also provide you with an entire year of social media content designed to generate a non-stop flow of leads, conversion and sales.
  • Complete Fee Negotiation Training: We will arm you with the skills of top power-negotiators so you can fly far above other speakers, quickly begin booking 6 figure speaking engagements while flying first class and sleeping in the worlds most exclusive hotels.
  • Complete Funnel Scripting And Creation: We will help you walk people from your introduction get-to-know-me offer to your high ticker items. From powerful Hero Funnels landing you and endless list of high paying speaking engagements, from Sales and Membership funnels driving constant, ongoing recurring payment, we'll build it all. Every piece of technology needed to become a 7 figure earner will be built out for you.
  • Complete Value Ladder Design: Left to their own devices, most people will not naturally ascend your value ladder, investing in everything you have to offer - this leaves fortunes on the table, and a less than satisfied client. We'll engineer the entire value ladder as well as script the contact points that will nurture your clients up the ladder purchasing everything you have on the way by.
  • Complete Product Downline: We understand that big money can be made from the stage, but absolute fortunes are made with back-end products. We'll not only help you design your entire product catalogue, but we'll create the products with you as well. From videos to books to membership sites, we do it all.
Les Brown's Ambassador Program: $79,997
Now, are you ready to take it to the next level?
  • Complete Les Brown Speaking Endorsement: In business, who you know is often more important than what you know. Once we've successfully built your entire brand and business, Les Brown will record a video personally endorsing you as a speaker and powerful individual.
  • Complete Les Brown Product Endorsement: Once we've created your funnels and back end products, Les Brown will provide you with 5 video endorsements specific to five of your backend products of your choice. You will retain full rights and freedom of these videos to be used in your marketing.
  • Complete Written Les Brown Endorsement: Les Brown will write out ad sign a powerful letter personally endorsing you and sealing it with his powerful signature. He will create and physically sign 25 copies for you to use as you see fit, as well as provide you with a digital copy for endless use. 
  • Complete Les Brown List Endorsement: Les Brown will also send a powerful endorsement to his high-end database of corporations and promoters encouraging them to engage your services. 
  • Complete 3 Business Days With Les Brown: Once you are ready to "go live" with your new power platinum, Les Brown will fly you down to spend 5 days with him personally, rubbing shoulders with his network and learning from the legend in earning a serious income from the stage. 
  • Complete Les Brown Facebook Live: During your days with Mr. Brown, he will join you on 3 separate Facebook Live (or equivalent of your choice) streams giving you the quantum leap and true endorsement needed to bypass the crowd and head straight for the top.
Les Brown's Ambassador Program + Personal Les Brown Endorsement: $112,997
Learn From The Best, and You Will Achieve the Best!
This Will Have The Greatest Single Impact On Your Life.
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